Hair Transplant is the modern-day equivalent of a wonder drug. People have had their life transformed with this procedure and there are over 1 lakh transplants in India alone. This procedure alongside changing lives has given rise to several rumours. We are here to discuss a few of them. Rumours do often have a base in reality, but often we don’t know what is real. There are two realities one is factual and the other personalised. So, if you think drinking is bad, it does have evidence in both factual and personalised reality. A little wine has been understood to help the heart health, but excessive does always harm you. In this blog we will try to cover the factual realities and their implications on your life too.


There are many myths surrounding Hair Transplant Let’s resolve a few of them.

1. Wigs are cheaper than a Hair Transplant: There is a common misconception that wigs are much better than actual Transplant. The rationale behind this is that wigs are considerably cheaper and people think they can choose the quality and size of hair. However, the problem with wigs is that they don’t last long and when you consider the long-term cost, you are losing a lot of money on wigs. Further, people who have known you for a long time will know that you are using fake hair.

2. Hair Transplant is a short-term result producing procedure: There is a common perception that Hair Transplant results won’t last more than 1 year, and people will again face hair loss soon enough. This idea is completely wrong. The central idea of Hair Transplant is Longevity, and the doctors who can’t ensure that have no right to do this procedure. HairMate doctors provide with a post-procedure diet plan and products that ensure that the Best Hair Transplant results stay forever.

3. You can stop the post-procedure medication after sometime: The main reason for short span of Hair Transplant results is that people stop taking medications like finasteride, Rogaine, etc. These medicines ensure that Hair grafts are accepted by the recipient area (the area where hair is transplanted). These medications also help the hair to grow in both volume and size. We have come across several cases where the patients stop taking these medications as their lifestyle is in some way impeded by the medication

4. Natural methods will give you better results than Hair Transplant: Natural Methods of either ayurvedic origin or from other medical branches can for sure provide you results. There have been researches which have shown that changing one’s diet and also taking ayurvedic medicines and herbal concoctions help with hair growth. However, the results are not on the same level as Hair Transplant. They are acceptable at best, but the results of Hair Transplant are transformative.


Facts are acceptable statements whose reasoning can’t be questioned and are unanimous.

1. Hair Transplant is the best solution against Baldness: Once Baldness sets in only Hair Transplant can help you get the best results, there is no way around it.

2. Hair Transplanted is completely Natural: Hair Transplant uses your Hair from your own body; usually from the back side of your scalp, but if there is lack of the scalp hair doctors will use hair from your beard or body as an alternative. These hairs are from your body and they are transferred into your own body, thus this procedure and results are completely natural.

3. There are no side effects in this procedure: Hair Transplant is a side effect free procedure. There is no possibility of any complication in this procedure in HairMate.

4. Medications help in maintaining Transplant Results: As explained above in one of the Myths, Medication actually helps in creating the environment where your hair can prosper and grow much better. Thus, doctor advised shouldn’t be stopped unless explicitly told by the doctor.

5. HairMate will give you best results in India: HairMate is the leading innovator in Hair Transplant technology and procedure. We ensure that only the best results are presented to you when you come here for your Best Hair Transplant procedure.

So, come today for your best Hair Transplant results, at your HairMates place.

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