Hair Health is an important part of your overall health. The best method to know if your hair is healthy is to see it’s volume in a mirror, and then slowly brushing your hair with a comb and seeing if the hair is brittle and falls easily. These are but homely check-ups we can do, but still there is a need of doctor’s advice. Also remember, even though everything looks okay, sometimes it wouldn’t be so. So, rather than understanding the easy signs of hair health we need to see what the best ways are to keep hair healthy.

Hair health correlates volume and thickness of hair with the quantity of hair. Thick, strong, and long are the three pillars of beautiful hair. The pillar of length can be shortened but the first two can’t be compromised with. We at HairMate believe that hair health can be maintained at home with these few tips and tricks. We will briefly try to talk about them here.

1. Healthy Diet: ‘You are what you eat’, this is a maxim we all have heard, but rarely if ever do we follow it. Nutrition is the key to survival. Although, this nutrition has to come from food that provides us enough minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Foods that we eat simply for the pleasure of taste are contemporary foods that destroy our hair strands. Foods that are high in trans-fat or are high in sugar content, causes more harm than good. Hair is made of a protein called ‘Keratin’. This protein is produced by our cells and then hair strands appear. Our hair is 100% protein, so a diet that nourishes our protein intake is more important. So, eat foods that lessen inflammation, don’t cause dietary issues, and don’t cause hair loss. Nothing good can come out of a bad diet.

2. Using Good Hair Products: We all buy Hair Products we see on our television screens or on online ads. We hear starlets advertise this product as ‘The Next Best Thing’, but rarely is it so. Our purchases are influenced by others and this affects us adversely. So, the products that had to help improve our hair don’t work and we think it is our own fault. To know about hair products that are best for you, you have to understand your hair type and needs. Do you have to increase the volume of hair? Or do you need to get rid of Dandruff? Does a certain component in Shampoo cause your scalp to become inflamed? All these are questions that need concrete answers, and only then can you choose best hair products. Your HairMate doctors are also ready to advise you regarding this.

3. Hair Exercise: What did you think, only your body requires exercise? No, your hair and scalp also need special care from time to time. Often, the best way for care is to take some oil and then rub it in your palms. This oil is then to be spread to your fingertips, then run your fingertips through your scalp. Massage the deep roots of your scalp gently, and do it for about 5 minutes Run this procedure twice a week. Also remember to spread your shampoo and conditioner in the same manner, this ensures that the product reaches deep roots and nourishes the roots. Often a quick shampoo application can have an adverse effect, instead of nourishment it can cause a blockage of the nutrients, resulting in adverse effects on hair.

4. Avoiding Every Harm: Avoid every harm caused by irritants such as smoking, pollution, drinking, drug use, etc. Smoking and drinking have been related to low absorption or malabsorption of nutrients in the body. This can cause hair loss alongside all the life-threatening conditions. Pollution is a slow killer of hair strands. You must have heard ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’, but it is better not to prevent passively but proactively. Take better care of your body, it is a temple in which our God resides.

5. Maintaining a Calm: Stress is a major killer of Hair. Stress causes hair to fall as this psychological issue can translate into actual physiological symptoms. Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that causes hair fall, and also reduces the lack of sleep, it can even lead to serious heart problems. Stress is a major factor in Hair Fall, and when Hair Fall starts, we stress more, increasing Hair Fall even more. Thus, destress with yoga, travel, and don’t fret about work.

These are some of the important aspects through which we can better our Hair Health. Hair Health is paramount and to improve it, we at HairMate will always be here.

Don’t worry about your Hair Problems, when your HairMates are here: Near You!

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