Hair Loss is one thing, no one desires. It brings with it the realization that one is getting ahead in years. An ageless woman or a man was a myth until recently. Hair Transplant has turned that hope into a reality. There is a renewed vigor in our day and a new sun shines on us all. Before this hope, there is the story of loss. This loss of hair has a grand narrative.

Hair Loss starts with just a few extra strands of hair that fall. We on average lose 60 to 100 strands of hair every day. These strands fall and regrow soon. The important thing to note in this procedure is that the hair that we lose is replaced at the same pace at which it falls. Hair Loss isn’t excess hair loss, but the gradual slowdown in the procedure of the regrowth of hair.

The regrowth stops due to several reasons. Researchers have understood that one’s genetics plays an important role in hair loss. Genetics also might mark when the hair fall will set in and also if you will reach complete baldness. The secondary causes are too many to enumerate but some of the most important of them are pollution, obesity, bad diet, hard water, stress, etc. These reasons will be explained in brief down below, but we need to understand that positive reinforcement that helps to de-stress and also help in changing one’s diet will help in preventing premature Hair Loss.

So, finally, we will see some of the most important reasons for Hair Loss:

1. Genetic reasons: The primal and the most relevant cause of Hair Loss is the genetic build-up of a person. Genetics is the study of genes that are the building block of a person and are passed on to us by our parents. In Hair Loss, the testosterone we possess in our body, which helps in maintaining our hairline, converts into DHT. DHT causes hair loss and our genes tell us how susceptible we are to it.

2. Pollution: Pollution has become a modern-day reality. Today we get surprised if we find areas where there is no pollution. Pollutants in hair can attack hair and cause it to become dry. Dryness of Hair causes it to become frizzy and brittle. Thus, to clean out these pollutants you have to use specific shampoos as per your hair needs. 

3. Stress: Stress is a very important reason for Hair Loss. We have understood that stress is psychological, but stress has actual real-world implications. Stress causes cortisol to increase which is a hormone that seriously affects our body. High cortisol levels affect our digestion, heart health, quality of sleep, and also our Hair Health. Thus, des-stressing is the need of the hour.

4. Obesity and Bad diet: Bad diet is a term we often come across. We say, “Oh, I don’t eat that many burgers or pizza, I go desi with samosa. They aren’t that bad.” A bad diet doesn’t just contain fast-food products, it contains everything which doesn’t provide you nutrition. It also contains everything that keeps you overweight or obese. And High Obesity is directly related to hair loss, as obesity causes the lowering of testosterone. 

5. Quality of water: Lastly, yet very importantly the quality of water that we use affects our Hair Health. Hard water, meaning water rich in minerals will make your hair brittle. Use filtered water for cleaning hair. This is an important requirement, or else use shower fittings which help to remove the minerals which make the water hard.

These are some of the reasons affecting Hair Health negatively and causing it to fall prematurely. Well, the reasons for Hair Loss might be innumerable but the solution is only one: Your HairMate.

Your HairMate provides you with the best Hair Regrowth procedures and medications that are specially catered to you and will enhance significantly Hair Health and will provide you with Best Hair.

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