Sometimes, ‘Dandruff’ is just because a person doesn’t shampoo enough. Regular shampoo washes, which means at least twice a week, helps in removing dandruff.

Dandruff flakes are scales from one’s scalp. They are white in colour and are flaky in texture. TV ads have caused to associate all-white flakes with dandruff. These ads dramatize dandruff to an unnatural degree, yes there are cases where dandruff is extreme but only about 2% of cases are like that. Also contrary to popular belief, you cannot create home remedies that alleviate Dandruff. So, using egg yolks or onion juice and applying them on one’s hair is good for hair health, but it doesn’t help one in actually solving problems related to hair loss or even dandruff.

The most common cause of Dandruff is ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’. It can be either mild or severe. It is an inflammatory reaction to a particular yeast, although research has noted several different causes of it too. When this yeast swarms our scalp, our immune system reacts to it which leads to a flaky, itchy scalp. This problem can usually be solved by shampooing well. So, let’s understand the first line of defence: How to shampoo Correctly.

Steps in Shampooing?

  • Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. Understanding your hair type and your hair needs will help you discern which shampoo is best for your hair.
  • Learn to be Gentle. Gently apply the shampoo with your palms and then deep cleanse your scalp by using your fingertips. Fingertips help in penetrating the outside layer and going directly to the scalp. Use a circular motion for application and do it for 3 minutes. After that, wait for another 2 minutes and your scalp absorb the nutrients from shampoo and also let the shampoo remove debris and dandruff.
  • Don’t expect results in the first week. It will take time, usually a month is a sufficient period to show the results. In spite of this, if the results don’t appear there can be another cause of Dandruff and you will need a Doctor Consultation.

Reasons for Dandruff

  • 1. Dry Scalp: The most well-known reason for Dandruff is Dry scalp. We associate these two terms, and it is usually true. Dry scalp does leads to a lot of problems. It can cause itchiness and when you do that a certain microorganism may enter into these spaces opened by itching and lead to further troubles. Lack of moisture can be corrected by improving one’s diet and also using hair products regularly.

    2. Seborrheic Dermatitis: Another common reason for Dandruff, which we have discussed above. This condition leads to itchy, scaly, and a Dandruff that is persistent.

    3. Contact Dermatitis: Sensitivity to a particular hair care product can also be the reason. So, you have to choose your hair care product wisely.

    4. Pollution: Pollution causes an irritated scalp which can cause dandruff. Well moisturised scalp doesn’t mean an oily scalp, though. Remember oil application should be done for nourishment, not for retention. Oily skin mixed with pollutants is the worst concoction for Dandruff.

Dandruff Treatments with your Hair Mates

We treat every form of Dandruff. None can hide and No Dandruff will ever abide once you visit your HairMates. Our treatment plans are geared towards holistic improvement of scalp: from removing the dandruff, to the complete reversal of any serious scalp damage, to also fighting hair loss caused by Dandruff.

Our Treatment plan goes as follows:
  1. We isolate the problem: The Best Hair Doctors at HairMate look at your scalp and understand the problem. Our doctors have a minimum of 15 years of experience and they have treated upwards of 1,00,000+ Dandruff cases alone.
  2. We create Treatment according to you and your Scalp’s need: Our focus is on you. Our HairMate doctors are brilliant strategists who have an absolute knowledge of Hair Products and medications which will 100% alleviate the issue of Dandruff.
  3. We ask you to spread the message. Don’t ignore ‘Dandruff’ saying, ‘Oh, let it be.’ Proactivity solves Dandruff first; we are only its medium.

Your HairMates provide you with the best solution for every hair problem. A Mate’s place is for relaxing and for finding effective solutions to your problems: You find both of this at Your HairMate Clinic.

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