to understand its causes and the best treatment that is available in India and that is here at the Best Hair Care Clinic, where your HairMates are waiting for you.

For Best Hair Care, you need to use right products. Sometimes, even the use of these products won’t help you completely; Hair Thinning is one of those scenarios. Thinness of hair can be due to a shock, or medication, or it can even be a natural hair regrowth pattern. Let’s first understand the differences between thinning and loss.

Hair Thinning vs Hair Loss

As explained above, Hair Thinning is the reduction in the size of hair. These thin hair strands can be brittle and can give an appearance of baldness. Although the main reason behind thinning is much more benign. This problem can arise due to a sudden shock due to sickness, or a natural regrowth course of hair. The hair regrowth process isn’t hampered.

In case of Hair Loss, this process of hair regrowth is gradually reduced. The main issue in Hair Loss isn’t the loss of hair, on an average we lose about 100 strands of hair a day. The regrowth process of our hair regrows our hair considerably faster than loss, but in hair loss this doesn’t happen. This can be due to hormonal changes, obesity, pollution, or more often because of genetics.

So, Thinning isn’t loss, yet you aren’t out of the woods yet. Let’s see what are the main causes of Hair Thinning.

Hair Thinning Causes

The story of Hair Thinning isn’t a simple one. It can happen due to one of the reasons listed below, or it can be due to a mixture of reasons combined. In some cases, it has also happened that a completely novel reason has been the cause of the problem. So, let’s start with the first cause:

  1. The natural factor: Our Hair follows the pattern of our life. It recycles and regenerates. Hair is perhaps the only part which regenerates the most in our body. The natural life of a hair is 4 years, and after that it is shed. This shedding procedure and the regrowth of a new quality hair takes about 6 months of time. This is the natural cycle of our hair strand. During the tenure of these 6 months our hair can appear thin, but after that it will be completely normal, so you don’t have to worry when this happens. This procedure is also called as Telogen Effluvium.
  2. A Sickness Revealed: During the time we are sick, our bodily energy is spent on healing us, thus our hair regrowth is forgotten for some time. Sudden sickness can also send our body to a shock, this can also stop the natural procedure for regrowth of hair, but as our body heals so does our hair. This is also the reason we feel we are going bald when we get sick.
  3. Lacking Minerals: The most essential source of energy to our body is the food we eat. Often times we forget to eat some essential minerals that our body requires, because we don’t track our micronutrients. These minerals include iron, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, etc.
  4. Hair Pulling: This is often the case with women, but it has started to affect men too. Tying your hair can cause it to pull and the friction thus produced can lead to hair thinning. This can also cause a special type of baldness, but the first symptoms of it are hair thinning.

Hair Thinning Remedies

Problems are with everyone, the right way to think is to look for an effective solution. The solution of Hair Thinning is marred by some of the least effective solutions that are offered. To look ahead of these solutions and to meet your HairMates is the best natural remedy.

As we understood that Hair Thinning isn’t Hair Loss, so just awaiting the regrowth procedure to restart is the best possible way for removing the thinning. Stopping any process that puts a strain on your hair strands this includes: tying your hair, combing while your hair is wet, etc. Also improving your diet with foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins will not just exterminate hair thinning, but also alleviate Hair Loss

Hair Thinning Solutions with your HairMate

We at HairMate provide the most effective solutions for your Hair Thinning. When in doubt, call your HairMates. We are always here for your service. We ensure to provide you with the best possible Hair Care that will holistically heal your hair and will always give you a small holiday with your HairMates.

For Hair Thinning our doctors usually prescribe:

  1. Medications, meant for increasing the Hair Quantity and Quality.
  2. Hair Care Products that especially focus on increasing hair volume and density.
  3. For cases that can’t be resolved by this we have the best Hair Transplant procedures ready at your Best HairMate Clinic. We also provide the best therapeutic non-invasive procedures which ensures best Hair Regrowth.
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