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So, what is the most effective way to defeat Hair Fall? The obvious answer is Hair Transplant. It is the fastest procedure amongst the other methods and also the procedure that produces results faster than any other technique. So, why doesn’t everyone does Hair Transplant? Because it should be done only as a preventive measure or as a final effort. If you notice your hair loss is extreme, it is important to get Hair Transplant, but if it is mild and you notice it isn’t very bad and the balding hasn’t set in, there are alternative options.

Understanding Alternatives is also important, and the most important thing is to know what will work for you the best.

Rogaine or Minoxidil: The most common treatment for Hair Loss has been Minoxidil. It is usually available in solution form and is directly applied to areas where there is hair loss or balding. Hair Loss doesn’t wait for you to react, it continues growing, but Minoxidil can and does stop it. It has proven to be an effective solution in the last many years and is used worldwide as a quick fix and Over The Counter product against Hair Loss. The side effect that you might face when using Minoxidil is that if it isn’t applied optimally and if it spreads or falls on different areas of your body and face, hair can start growing there without you needing them. It has also been shown that people with heart conditions should avoid using them. They are usually the first line of defense against Hair Loss and are available easily, but remember to use it only after a doctor’s consultation. 

PRP therapy: PRP therapy has made a revolution inside the Hair Care field. Its application is numerous and they are easily done. It is a rejuvenation technique in which the area affected with Hair Loss or balding is targeted with nutrients that the area is lacking by injecting them directly into the space. During Hair Loss, your hair is affected not by Hair Fall but by the lessening of nutrients and blood supply to the area, the problem has never been hair loss per se but the stoppage of Hair regrowth because of not getting adequate nutrients. Doctors first extract the nutrients through the procedure of centrifugation and then inject them directly. This procedure is done in sessions, and the sessions are usually spread over a period of 3 to 6 months or more. It helps in rejuvenating an area that is affected by Hair Loss, but it can’t reverse Hair Loss. In advance Balding cases, PRP therapy is used to help the Hair Transplant procedure and not as a  treatment in its own right. 

DHT blockers: DHT blockers come in the form of Finasteride and Dutasteride. These two medications are currently famous for blocking Hair Loss. Hair Loss happens due to the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This DHT leads to hair loss. This chemical procedure can only be blocked, and can’t be reversed. Finasteride and Dutasteride are Doctor prescribed and can affect your health in more ways than one, so a complete medical history has to be analyzed before prescribing this. Also, their effectiveness is in stopping Hair Loss and not reversing it, the already damaged hairline can’t be recovered through these medications. So, your HairMates and many other doctors across the world only prescribe these medications after the procedure. They help in maintaining the Hair Transplant results. Although they are really effective, the effect only starts after the best Hair Transplant from your HairMates. 

Home remedies and Ayurveda: Ayurveda has described many ways to effectively defeat Hair Loss. It gives many tips and tricks to defeat hair loss, but are they effective? They are to some extent. Their effectiveness stems from the fact that they understand nutrition, and diet forms a major factor in hair regrowth, but they are also ineffective against Hair Loss and Balding. Why? Because they don’t have the surgical tools necessary to change balding. They are home-based and they should be followed for a healthy life, but they aren’t effective in a hair-full life.

In this blog, we learned about some of the alternative treatments and their effectiveness, we saw how they can change one’s life and also where they are ineffective. The most effective solution for Hair Loss is Your one and only HairMates. We provide the best Hair Transplant in India and do it with the best care and tools. Stop searching here and there focus on us, and we will focus on your Hair. See you soon!

For more details or consultation contact us on: +91-91750 44004


The first rule of Hair Loss: Don’t Ignore it. Once you ignore hair loss, your downfall begins. You can’t reverse what is lost easily, especially when the damage has been there for a long-time. In this blog, we will talk about a few pointers about when to start worrying about your hair loss, and when you can ignore it. 

What is Hair Loss? 

Hair Loss is what many people consider to be the fall of hair and the eventual balding that happens, but that isn’t simply hair loss. Hair loss is not hair fall, but the stoppage of the regrowth of hair. When your hair doesn’t regrow, when it won’t come back, then there is hair loss. This can happen due to a lot of reasons, it can be due to the fact that you are genetically inclined, it could also be due to having a bad diet, or due to your bad habits. We generally subscribe hair fall to these issues:

A. Genetic problems: If your father and their fathers or your mother’s family have a history of Hair Fall at a young age, there is a chance you can too. For Genetic problems, better diets or avoiding bad habits won’t help, because your body will lead to Hair Fall anyway, so you might have to consult a doctor sooner. 

B. Bad diets: Eating fried foods and foods that don’t have enough fiber can cause you to lose hair at a much raider pace because your body does not have enough nutrients to help in the regrowth of Hair. 

C. Bad habits: Habits like smoking and drinking will not help your hair at all. These are harmful substances that harm your entire body and cause it to create hormones that negatively effects your entire system. 

D. Pollution: The area that you live in might have high pollution and that can cause your hair to be dry and brittle and weak, causing it to lose its strength. 

So, these are some of the basic reasons, but when should ‘I’ start worrying? Well, we can provide some abstract answers for that too:

1. Look in your shower and beds: The place where we sleep can tell a lot about us. Look at your pillow and notice if you see a lot of Hair loss, if you do, then check your entire bed. Take one day out and count the hair fall that has happened while you were sleeping. Also check the shower, especially the drain area. Are there many hairs there after just one time showering? Then maybe it is time to come to your HairMates. 

2. Always check your Hair Line: Every month see your hairline. Like check where it is now if possible click a photograph of it and compare it each month, if you notice there is more hair loss, maybe you need your HairMates advice now. 

3. Check the hair quality: Majorly we check the hair quantity, that too matters a lot, and we will talk about it in the next point. But Hair Quality is very important, feel your hair, does it dry out after just a few hours? Does it fall easily even when you are just slowly touching your Scalp? This means it has grown brittle, take care of it with your HairMates today. 

4. Lastly, check your hair density and quantity. Click a photograph of the different regions, especially the central and the sidelines of Hair. If there is any fall there, you can compare and see. Quantity alongside quality is what makes hair our most precious possession. 

Furthermore remember that whenever in doubt, don’t search about it online. You can do that, but don’t consider it to be the final word. Always visit a doctor, and in the case of Hair always visit your HairMates. We provide the best Hair Care in all of India and are present for your hair troubles 24*7.


The modern Lifestyle brings great ease to us all. We don’t have to work for building our shelter: builders do that, we don’t have to farm for our products: farmers do that, and lastly, we don’t have to cook for ourselves: fast food has goods that covered. Alongside ease has come the growing concern of health in the 21st century. This ease has made us sedentary and stale. Our nutrition doesn’t contain enough macro or micronutrients and many of them are high in sugar and trans-fat. So, is this the fault of easy times, or a fault of our own?

The answer to the above question is complex. Surely, societal growth is necessary, but unless we check its influence on us, we would be mindless bots controlled by it. Society will progress with or without us, but our tradition and body care come first. The stop marker of when the influence has increased to a grand level is put by ‘You’.

Many of our clients who face Hair Loss always say, oh we don’t know how it happened? We were living a very simple life, and suddenly this started. There is an answer to that, an answer that is 80% right: It’s you. You are the major cause of Hair Loss. We cause Hair Loss by not focusing on the fundamentals of it. We forget that Hair Care is very necessary to ensure the best hair health. We forget that regularly doing several Hair Care tips will prolong our hair life. But, before that, we need to understand what we do wrong. Some of these are:

1. Bad Diet: The worst thing and the first thing we impose on our body is a bad diet. We eat food high in carbohydrates, which transform into sugar and then into excess fat. Although the procedure isn’t this simple, overeating carbohydrates will do this to you for sure. A bad diet also includes eating oily, fried food that contains high trans-fat that increases your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. All these foods translate to your being overweight, which causes an increase in estrogen. Estrogen levels high mean your testosterone will go down. Testosterone reduction is the major cause of hair loss. Change your diet, save hair. There are some things in life one can’t control, this you can. 

2. Less/No Exercise: Exercising improves not just your fitness levels, but ensures that you live a long and healthy life. It is an investment for better future health. Sadly, we think exercises are overrated, or perhaps we don’t need them as our parents or grandparents never did that, but they are healthy and strong. No, they are healthy because they walked a lot and lived a hard life, they didn’t sit on their bums acting like one. We need to move ahead from myths and accept exercise. Good exercises ensure better body health and that ensures the best Hair health. And don’t think that just lifting weights is an exercise, no plain walking or any physical movement is an exercise. 

3. Less time for Hair Care: Hair Care should never take longer than 50 minutes per week. That includes: 15 minutes shampoo, 20 mins dry rub by your fingertips in 2 min sessions every alternate day, and lastly 20 mins of oil application. These are not to be done daily, but in a week. Choosing the day you can best give to Hair Care, and that care will help save you from hair fall. Hair Care doesn’t take long, accepting this knowledge does. 

4. Noticing Hair Loss but thinking it’s normal: Eh, it’s just 15 hair strands, I lost. Ha! People say it is normal to lose 100 strands a day. But, remember you lost 15 strands in one go and that is while showering. This isn’t normal, it could be, but generally, it is an onset of Hair loss. So, what to do? Taking proactive actions requires more strength than overthinking and then not taking any action. So, even if you notice small changes, immediately learn the cause, or monitor it for at least a month to see where it goes, or if it grows. Hair Loss is a serious issue and your HairMates take it very seriously, we don’t dance around the fact that hair loss doesn’t affect or if it severely affects, we directly attack hair loss, then repair the lost strands, and in the process your self-confidence. So, be confident and take the first step for the best Hair to your HairMates house today.

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