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Care and Hair Regrowth Treatments.

Hair Transplant has become a part of our cultural zeitgeist. We have several YouTube channels and also hair transplant clinics can be found today in both the urban and rural areas of India today. India today has become a hub of Hair transplants. Our doctors have transformed the procedure and innovated several facets. Hair Transplant operations are the talk of the town today.

Your HairMates redefine this procedure. We reinvent the traditional Hair Transplant procedures and help you relax. Our Hair Care is unparallel and our results the Best.

Understanding Hair Loss causes

For Hair Transplant to happen, there has to be Hair Loss. And to understand Hair Loss we need to understand the main causes of Hair Loss. So here we represent in a few words, the major causes of Hair Loss.

Genetic reasons

The primal and the most relevant cause of Hair Loss is the genetic build-up of a person. In Hair Loss, the testosterone we possess in our body, which helps in maintaining our hairline, converts into DHT. Our genetic build-up predicts at what age we might be more susceptible to Hair Loss


We get surprised these days if we find areas where there is no pollution. Pollutants in hair can attack hair and cause it to become dry. Dryness of Hair causes it to become frizzy and brittle. Pollution seriously affects the quality of hair, but gradually in time it affects the quantity too.


Stress is a very important reason for Hair Loss. We have understood that stress is psychological, but stress has actual real-world implications. Stress causes cortisol to increase which is a hormone that seriously affects our body. High cortisol levels affect our digestion, heart health, quality of sleep, and also our Hair Health. Thus, des-stressing for Hair Regrowth is important.

Obesity and Bad diet

Bad diet is a term we often come across. Bad diet doesn’t just contain fast-food products, it contains everything which doesn’t provide you nutrition. It also contains everything that keeps you overweight or obese. And High Obesity is directly related to hair loss, as obesity causes lowering of testosterone and increase in androgens which are the leading cause of Hair Loss.

Quality of water

The quality of water that we use affects our Hair Health. Hard water, meaning water rich in minerals will make your hair brittle. Using filtered water for cleaning hair might help extensively. Quality of water reduces the Quantity of Hair Loss

Identifying Hair Loss

You will have to forget the maxim ‘Better Late than never.’ Although, there are many signs we still ignore them when it comes to hair loss, thinking better late than never. There is a problem. The more you wait, the less density we can achieve. So, before learning about treatments, learn to notice these signs of Hair Loss.

  1. More Hair Loss than before. If you notice or feel that you are losing more hair than before, get it checked. Better to be safe than sorry.
  2. If you see bald spots developing on your scalp, immediately visit a hair specialist It could be the case of Alopecia Areata, it is an autoimmune disease.
  3. If you feel there is hair thinning, or if you feel your scalp is itchy and flaky, it is important to get it checked.
  4. Stop thinking that you are over-thinking about a problem. It is never over-thinking, if you have a doubt go to a specialist: which in this case is your Best HairMate.

Hair Loss Treatments with your HairMates

We provide all types of Hair Transplant: both traditional and contemporary. We 100% guarantee best results with our contemporary FUE procedure and our doctors have created cost-effective and innovative treatments for giving you best Hair. So, let’s explain the two variations to Hair Transplant.

The traditional way of doing a Hair Transplant was called Strip-Harvesting Transplantation or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In this procedure, a small strip of the donor area is cut with precision, the strip is very small. This strip is then preserved and transplanted in the recipient area. In the recipient area this strip is inserted at a particular length so that the hair graft grows successfully.

The modern-day Hair Transplant procedure uses the method known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE uses a methodology where groups of hair grafts are extracted individually and then transplanted in the recipient area also individually. The main advantage of FUE over FUT is the reduction in scarring. To cut a strip in the donor area and then the further trauma to the recipient area can cause excessive scarring which will seriously hinders Hair Transplant results. Whereas in FUE there is no requirement of any large incisions, thus there is barely any trauma to the donor or the recipient area. FUE helps in quicker recovery from the procedure and also ensures best results.

Benefits of FUE at your HairMate

  1. It is cost-effective. We provide you Hair Transplant that is light on your budget, but the results will be best for you.
  2. It is result-oriented. Your HairMates understand the results you desire, and our treatment is also catered and turned in that direction.
  3. We use the most advanced technology for every stage of Hair Transplant. Right from storing the grafts to the process of implantation, our equipment is geared to prolong the hair graft life and ensures that the hair is transplanted in the desired area, for best results.
  4. We provide services which go beyond the scope of procedure. These services aren’t just post-operative follow-up and care, but something which eases your anxiety over Hair Transplant. These services you will come to know at your Hair’s Best Mate: Your HairMate.

We are your Best HairMates. So, we promise to give you the Best Transplant results, alongside giving you a relaxed atmosphere so that the results happen while you chill with your Best HairMate.

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