The first rule of Hair Loss: Don’t Ignore it. Once you ignore hair loss, your downfall begins. You can’t reverse what is lost easily, especially when the damage has been there for a long-time. In this blog, we will talk about a few pointers about when to start worrying about your hair loss, and when you can ignore it. 

What is Hair Loss? 

Hair Loss is what many people consider to be the fall of hair and the eventual balding that happens, but that isn’t simply hair loss. Hair loss is not hair fall, but the stoppage of the regrowth of hair. When your hair doesn’t regrow, when it won’t come back, then there is hair loss. This can happen due to a lot of reasons, it can be due to the fact that you are genetically inclined, it could also be due to having a bad diet, or due to your bad habits. We generally subscribe hair fall to these issues:

A. Genetic problems: If your father and their fathers or your mother’s family have a history of Hair Fall at a young age, there is a chance you can too. For Genetic problems, better diets or avoiding bad habits won’t help, because your body will lead to Hair Fall anyway, so you might have to consult a doctor sooner. 

B. Bad diets: Eating fried foods and foods that don’t have enough fiber can cause you to lose hair at a much raider pace because your body does not have enough nutrients to help in the regrowth of Hair. 

C. Bad habits: Habits like smoking and drinking will not help your hair at all. These are harmful substances that harm your entire body and cause it to create hormones that negatively effects your entire system. 

D. Pollution: The area that you live in might have high pollution and that can cause your hair to be dry and brittle and weak, causing it to lose its strength. 

So, these are some of the basic reasons, but when should ‘I’ start worrying? Well, we can provide some abstract answers for that too:

1. Look in your shower and beds: The place where we sleep can tell a lot about us. Look at your pillow and notice if you see a lot of Hair loss, if you do, then check your entire bed. Take one day out and count the hair fall that has happened while you were sleeping. Also check the shower, especially the drain area. Are there many hairs there after just one time showering? Then maybe it is time to come to your HairMates. 

2. Always check your Hair Line: Every month see your hairline. Like check where it is now if possible click a photograph of it and compare it each month, if you notice there is more hair loss, maybe you need your HairMates advice now. 

3. Check the hair quality: Majorly we check the hair quantity, that too matters a lot, and we will talk about it in the next point. But Hair Quality is very important, feel your hair, does it dry out after just a few hours? Does it fall easily even when you are just slowly touching your Scalp? This means it has grown brittle, take care of it with your HairMates today. 

4. Lastly, check your hair density and quantity. Click a photograph of the different regions, especially the central and the sidelines of Hair. If there is any fall there, you can compare and see. Quantity alongside quality is what makes hair our most precious possession. 

Furthermore remember that whenever in doubt, don’t search about it online. You can do that, but don’t consider it to be the final word. Always visit a doctor, and in the case of Hair always visit your HairMates. We provide the best Hair Care in all of India and are present for your hair troubles 24*7.

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